This morning started with Peggy taking us to the art gallery in the Fine Arts Center. Here we saw an exhibition of photographs which we were encouraged to use as inspiration for our writing. The electricity went out just about at the end of our stay, so it was lucky our next session was the outdoor exercise with Jonny Gray.

Here we again focused on acting things out. (Jonny, to be honest, I was fighting hypoglycemia during this lesson, and while I know it was concerned with acting out and timing, my brain wasn’t quite up to speed and I need some help on this class.)

The electricity was still not on by the time of Frank’s class, so we met on the library porch where we discussed exposition, coming back to action to keep the reader, and using dialog to show character and situation. By then the power was back on and we had our lunch break.

Afternoon was again spent on the planned class book. This included final design of our pages, though not their execution.