“When you don’t know what to do, do nothing, watch, and wait.” Mercedes Lackey. Context? Foundation. Mags has just arrived at Haven, and has no idea what is going on.

“Children grow up and make their own paths.” Mercedes Lackey. Context? Brightly Burning. Pol is speaking to his Companion, Satiran, whose daughter Kalira has just Chosen Lavan Firestorm.

“Swords are safer and usually fairer than the law courts any day!” Mercedes Lackey. Context? The Oathbound. The speaker is Ikan, swordsman son of a lawyer who (the lawyer) is available to the highest bidder.

“Do we not all serve to drive back the Dark, each in his own fashion?” Lackey. Context?  Oathbreakers. The Star-Eyed is speaking to Roald, the Herald, and reassuring Tarma that this Herald is indeed to be trusted.

“I’m rather fond of expediency. It saves a world of problems.” Lackey. Context? Oathblood, a collection of short stores about Kethry and Tarma. This quote is from “The Talisman,” set while Kethry is still riding a mule, and Tarma is the speaker.

“You can put a hawk in a cage, like a songbird, but it’s still a hawk.” Lackey. Context? By the Sword. Tarma’s comment on Kerowyn, when Kerowyn is still uncertain about leaving her home.

“By the time the front of the light wave reaches you, it’s too late.” Bowling. Context? Homecoming. Derik is explaining to Roi why it is not a good idea to watch a star likely to go nova while planning to teleport out of danger.