Again, this is a bit from Tourist Trap, which should be out soon. The final proofs are in my hands — uh, on my computer.

It was an even race, over the distance. Timi had the advantage of sheer strength and power, but Roi was more agile and his endurance, always better than Timi’s before his paralysis, had finally returned. The trail had been engineered for the sleds and curves were gentle, which favored Timi, but by the time they burst out of the trees Roi was closing the gap between them. “I won,” Timi gasped, collapsing onto a downed tree.”

“Another twenty strides and I’d have had you,” Roi replied. He, too, was breathing hard, but he stayed on his feet, flipping off his forcewebs and walking in circles on the gravel bar where they had stopped.

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