This week’s Twitter quotes were from The Complete Works of Shakespeare on my iPad, but I’ll put in the links to the individual books. Some were hard to find without copious notes — every teacher and commenter seems to want a go at Shakespeare. Sometimes he’s worth just reading.

“Rumour doth double, like the voice and echo.” Shakespeare. Context? Henry IV Part 2, Act III scene 1. Warwick reassuring the king that the number of those rebelling against him is less than rumor has it.

“For it is as the air, invulnerable.” Shakespeare. Context? Hamlet, Act I Scene 1. Horatio, referring to the ghost of Hamlet’s father.

“I love thee not, therefore pursue me not.” Shakespeare. Context? A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Act II Scene 1. Demetrius to Helena, before Puck’s mischief begins.

“Present fears are less than horrible imaginings:” Shakespeare. Context? MacBeth, Act I Scene 3. MacBeth, as he get the first inkling that the three witches might know what they are talking about.

“You have seen sunshine and rain at once: her smiles and tears were like.” Shakespeare. Context? King Lear, Act IV Scene 3; describing Cordelia as she learns of her father’s plight.

“I never did repent for doing good, nor shall I now.” Shakespeare. Context? The Merchant of Venice Act III  Scene 4. Portia, as she is planning her ruse as a lawyer.

“I am a properly reared Cat, and there are rules one follows.” Sue Ann Bowling. Context? Not from Homecoming this time, but from a short story, “The Case of the Incompetent Police Dog” in Crafty Cat Crimes. The rules? “One does not show undue affection to one’s provider. One does not respond to the requests of humans, much less their commands, on any regular basis. One does not, in short, behave as a dog.”