Proposed Cover illustration for Tourist Trap

Another bit from Tourist Trap, a little after last week’s. “She” is Penny. I’ve just received the second round of page proofs on this novel, so it should be available soon.

A snow flurry drove into the side of her face, and for a moment the world seemed to vanish around her in a white blur. A branch exploded out of the whiteness, coming toward her face, and she barely had time to duck as the team took her past it. I’m going to intensify the link so you can share my perception of what’s around us, Roi’s mental voice continued.

The first flurry dissipated, allowing her to see Growler, Timi skiing behind Amber, and a small sphere of forest around them. Amber’s team faded into the whiteness of the sphere’s boundary, and Roi’s was completely lost in the thickening snow. The feeling she’d been taught to associate with telepathy came, very slightly, and abruptly she knew when Snowflake started into a bend in the trail, and felt Flame’s and Roi’s positions ahead of the old leader.

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