“ Has that cat caught any foreign cars lately?” Anne McCaffrey. Context? Ring of Fire, a short novel published with two others in Three Women. Dice, the Maine coon cat, is somewhat larger than most cats.

“Breeding and training horses was never a profitable occupation.” Anne McCaffrey. Context? The Lady. This is a romance set in Irish horse country, and Michael is working on his taxes.

“As long as I provided the services required what matter the motives, hidden or open?” Anne McCaffrey. Context? Nerilka’s Story. Nerilka is justifying to herself that she is going to Ruatha.

“Men were men in blizzard and in war.” Anne McCaffrey. Context? The Mark of Merlin. Another short novel from Three Women, this one involving a young woman orphaned in World War II. The “men were men” refers to their needing food and their socks washed.

“The dragons confer honor where they will. Anne McCaffrey. Context? This is a scene which occurs in at least two different books: Dragonflight and The Masterharper of Pern. The dragons are keening at the death of the watch-where that was Lessa’s only friend. F’lar (who was just attacked by the watch-wher) is disowning the dragons’ reaction.

“Where pounds and pence are concerned, blood has a tendency to curdle.” Anne McCaffrey. Context? The Kilternan Legacy, the third story from Three Women. The solicitor, Michael Noon, is discussing her legacy with Irene Teasey.

“They can’t teach me because they don’t really know what I’m doing.” Sue Ann Bowling. Context? Homecoming. Roi, speaking to Marna. Neither Derik nor Nik has been able to teach him anything about his Healing talent, which was thought to be extinct.