Lilian Jackson Braun for many years wrote “The Cat Who” mysteries. When she died week before last, I decided to tweet from her books, as a memorial.

“How come Jeoffrey did seven turns and you do only three?” Lilian Jackson Braun. Context? The Cat Who Saw Stars. Qwillwean to the cats, implying that they do not match Christopher Smart’s cat when they wake up.

“With a friend like you, who needs an encyclopedia?” Lilian Jackson Braun. Context? The Cat Who Robbed a Bank. No, Qwilleran is not being sarcastic to Polly; he means this as a compliment that she has recognized a quote he’s not sure of.

“Now came the hard part: relocating two opinionated cats who disliked a change of address.”  Lilian Jackson Braun. Context? The Cat Who Went Up the Creek. Qwilleran is planning a stay at the Nutcracker Inn with the cats—which requires considerable planning on his part.

“I was referred by a veterinarian.” Lilian Jackson Braun. Context? The Cat Who Saw Red. Qwilleran is explaining why he went to see the doctor who put him on a strict diet. “You see, I took KoKo and Yum Yum to have their teeth cleaned.” The upshot of which, after a wild chase trying to catch KoKo, was the vet saying that Qwilleran needed a physical more than the cats needed dental prophylaxis.

“I declare it be the mustache from the paper!” Lilian Jackson Braun. Context? The Cat Who Sang for the Birds. Mrs. Coggan recognizes Qwill at once from his mustache, the most notable feature of the photo heading his column.

“In our business, expertise can be a drawback.” Lilian Jackson Braun. Context? The Cat Who Ate Danish Modern. This was the second of “The Cat Who” mysteries: after KoKo had adopted Qwilleran and introducing Yum Yum. The speaker is the managing editor of the big-city paper Qwilleram works for at that time, and he’s responding to the old crime reporter’s doubts about an interior decorating assignment.

“I think I might even enjoy school this time.” Sue Ann Bowling. Context? Homecoming. Roi is being sent back to boarding school after his guardians have made some major changes. But he’s still worried (rightly) underneath.