The sun rose this morning at 3:04 am and will set tomorrow morning at 12:40, but it’s not visible. Yes, at last it’s raining. We had .29” for the last two days by midnight last night, and it’s still raining. Not hard, but at least I can quit hauling the hoses around.

Officially we have 21 hours 36’ of daylight, though the sun never gets more than 1°53’ below the northern horizon. This means it’s pretty light all night, even with the clouds and the rain. The weather forecast is the same all week — cloudy, scattered showers, highs 65° to 70° F – but the increase in day length has dropped to about 3 minutes a day and will be imperceptible by the end of the week.

I finally (fingers crossed) will get the soil delivered for the newly raised bed today, so I can finish planting. I’ll have a very late second crop of beans, if I get anything out of planting this late. The peas are up, but later than if I’d started them indoors, as I usually do. Perennials are thriving (if a bit soggy this morning) and I’m looking forward to getting the rest of the flowers (and the broccoli) planted when I have topsoil to fill the broccoli pots and the planters.

This past week I was too busy proofreading Tourist Trap to keep up with the blog schedule, and I’ve added a new program – six sentence Sunday. So the Geophysical Institute history will be combined with the science and health blogs on Fridays, and Sundays will have my six sentence snippets – most from Tourist Trap for the foreseeable future. Enjoy!