“Women drivers make you nervous?” Robert A. Heinlein (early.) Methuselah’s Children. Mary Sperling to Lazarus Long, just after she has flown her supposed car over a barrier fence to escape pursuit. This is one of the earliest appearances of Lazarus Long and the Family; the book was published in 1958 but it is based on a 1941 short story.

“As your life takes its form, so will your music.” R. A. MacAvoy. From Damiano. The seraph Raphael, Damio’s lute instructor, during a lesson.

“Why do you deem that that which is unknown must likewise be ill?” Andre Norton. Year of the Unicorn, the first of the Witch World stories set in Arvon. Gillan is trying to counter the fears of the other brides of the Weres.

“Kellis had never seen a corpse that seemed to care about anything.” Susan Dexter. The Wind-Witch. Kellis and Druyan are both exhausted near the end of the barley harvest, and Kellis is beginning to wonder if they are both dead.

“A tendril of fire snaked over and wrapped around her hands.” Lauri J. Owen. From Fallen Embers. Kiera is a fire mage, but at this point she hardly realizes that and has no control at all.

“They were completely and delightfully weird.” Alan Dean Foster. Context? The Tar-Aiym Krang. A commentator’s description of the Thranx, when humans first met them.

“I thought a vacation was supposed to be a rest.” Sue Ann Bowling. from Homecoming. Roi is on his first school vacation, and been told what he has to learn (a lot!) during that month.