Wondering where the Journal of Jarn segments I’ve posted the last two weeks come from? Here’s a bit of the framing story, set just before the Kharfun epidemic.

“Your Galactica needs practice, Faelle.  Would it help if you had some chips in Galactica, until we get home?  We still have a couple of fivedays’ travel.”

For some reason the scene with Uncle Toklas came again to her mind.  “You said our Book of Jarn was based on your history,” she said slowly.  “Would you have anything on that?”

“His Journal, of course,” Nolan replied.  “We’ve got a Galactica translation along, I think, read by one of our better speakers.  And a print version in Galactica and a couple of commentaries as well, but I think you might like to hear and read a translation of Jarn’s own words.  It’s rather blunt in places; enough to scandalize the priests on some planets into expurgating their Holy Book.”  He frowned as he thought.  “I think your Book of Jarn has quite a few of the more explicit bits cut out.  But Jarn was simply recording what happened to him.  You won’t be bothered by that?”

“Not by something that really happened.  And Jarn’s my ancestor, isn’t that right?  There’s a lot of prohibitions that don’t hold with another Family member.”

“I’ll get you the chips,” Celine said.  “Everyone through eating?   I’ll put what’s left into the recycler, and we’ll give you a quick tour of the ship.”