“DEATH IS NATURE’S WAY OF TELLING YOU TO SLOW DOWN.” Piers Anthorny. Context? From On a Pale Horse. This is the bumper sticker on Death’s pale car/horse.

“They taught me that what I am, I am.” Marion Zimmer Bradley. Context? From Hawkmistress! Romilly’s brother Darran is speaking to their father of what he had learned at Nevarsin — that he is what he was born to be, not what his father wants.

“Once one got over the rather macabre aspects of sleeping next to a coffin, it was quite convivial.” Scarborough. Context? From The Goldcamp Vampire. Valentine Lovelace (the nom de plume of writer Pelagia Harper) is heading for the Klondike with a vampire (though she doesn’t realize the contents of the coffin yet.)

“Death could also happen to her.” Anne McCaffrey. Context? From Crystal Singer. Killashandra is forced by the death of a fellow recruit to realize that she, also, is mortal.

“In the hour of danger what matters the color of a fighting man’s bone covering?” Andre Norton. Context? From Star Man’s Son, republished as Daybreak—2250 A.D. The book under its original title was one of the first Norton stories I ever read. This particular sentence is taken from the discussion as Fors (light-skinned) is introduced by his friend Arskane as a possible fighting ally to the dark-skinned clan.

“What in Heaven’s name makes you think that priests can resist the temptations of power?”  Lackey, Freer and Flint. Context? From The Shadow of the Lion. Brother Mascoli is scolding Marco for not using his God-given talent of healing. In this fantasy word, which branched off from our own when the library at Alexandria was not burned, magic and some of the nastier shamanistic gods are real. And the Church is divided into Petrines and Paulines, the split going considerably farther back in time than that in our world between Protestants and Catholics, or even between Greek Orthodox and Roman.

“Her job as a Healer had been to prevent death.” Bowling. Context?  From Homecoming. The whole quote is “Her job as a Healer had been to prevent death, and she’d been too concerned with that to pay much attention to philosophical arguments about what happened after death.” Marna is feeling alone and for the first time in her life is thinking about and struggling against suicide as the only way to rejoin her people.