Just for fun, I’m going to put in a writing assignment from Summer Arts Festival (coming again in July!) and the poem it inspired.

The assignment:

Write a poem of seven lines, with an odd number of syllables in each line. The poem must include some form of these eight words: blackberry, raven, canyon, cloud, rock, wall, walk, hover.

My poem:

Old Gods
Sue Ann Bowling

Raven soars high, kiting among clouds.
His shadow slides over rocks,
Plummets down the canyon wall
Hovers over juniper and blackberry,
Paces his brother, coyote.[1]
Raven, do you remember you were a god?
Are those your people who walk below?

[1] This assumes the pronunciation “KAI-ote.”  If you prefer “kai-OH-ti” you can replace the comma with a “the.”