Thursday: “It occurred to him that ghosts might not particularly like songs about ghosts.” Stasheff.

From The Warlock in Spite of Himself. Rod has run into the ghosts in the castle, and (as they are starved for music) is performing for them as a minstrel. He’s not sure they’d like “Ghost Riders In the Sky.”

Friday: “I’ve never noticed that being nonsensical keeps things from happening.” Leinster.

From Time Tunnel, published in 1964. This is the novel on which the TV series was based. To provide confusion, Leinster later wrote The Time Tunnel and Time Tunnel Adventure #2 Timeslip!, which were based on the TV series. They are totally different books. Back to the quote: the next sentence is, “Don’t you ever read about politics?”

Saturday: “Maxim Hirt was not very bright, but he knew a devil when he saw one.” Harlan Ellison. Context? #Scifi #IAN1

From “Deal From the Bottom,” in Earthman, Go Home! Actually, this particular devil was wearing tight jeans, a black turtleneck, thong sandals and a pointed beard. But he had a tail.

Sunday: “Love stinks.” Steven Gould. Context?

From Jumper. Davy is having a hard time really relating to another person.

Monday: “We’re in the middle of the army, Kiera. How much safer can we be?” Lauri J. Owen. Context?

From Fallen Embers. Marco is being just a bit sarcastic here, as he has reason to think the soldiers may have orders to kill or capture him.

Tuesday: “One dose of anything, be it medicine or tales, is only the beginning, not the immediate cure.” Gayle Greeno. Context?

From The Ghatti’s Tale. Two of the Ghattii, Mem’now and Koom, are trying to heal a third, Saam by telling him tales normally told to the young.

Wednesday: “Her only grief at her own impending death was that she could not return to Riya.” Bowling. Context?

From Homecoming. Marna has spent two centuries on an isolation satellite, but now the life-support system is failing.

Next week I’m going to switch genres and post quotes from mysteries.