64 degrees 49 minutes North:

Sunrise 6:57 am; sunset 8:53 pm for nearly 14 hours of daylight. We’re gaining almost 7 minutes a day, and by the end of the month sunset will be after 10 pm. What’s more, it’s finally beginning to warm up—it was far enough above freezing yesterday that I was able to shovel the snow off the top of the compost roller. My thermometer in the sun said 80 yesterday, and the air temperature was above 40, so I should be able to start putting garbage scraps into the black roller once it thaws enough to roll.

The snow has melted enough to settle more than 2” since last week—current snow stake measurement around 19”. The forecast is calling for snow showers this week, but I hope not much accumulation. Forecast high temperatures are in the 40’s except for Wednesday (below freezing that day) so I hope the net snow pack depth will continue to decrease. Of course it’ll stay below freezing at night for some time yet.

My web updates may be spotty the next few days, as I’m having computer problems. I went straight from CP/M to Macs, and I’ve never had a problem with them. Until now. My iMac has been getting slower ever since I had Snow Leopard installed, and Friday it gave me a blue screen when I tried to restart it. After several hours unplugged it started up, but I didn’t turn it off until my Mac guru came to work on it Saturday. First thing he did was start a backup of my hard drive. Would you believe the backup took 26 hours? We still don’t know exactly what the problem is, but I’m able to access my files again. I’ll try to get the Twitter quiz answers queued for Wednesday this morning, as well as transferring a few more files to the laptop. Hope I can continue to use the iMac for my primary machine, though—the laptop gives me a sore back.

Priority number one? Get the editing done on Tourist Trap. At least I transferred that file Friday!