I photoshopped this to brighten it a little. It's a gray day and the original was very dim.

March 28: Sunrise 7:22 am, sunset 8:31 pm for 13 hours 9 minutes of daylight. We’re still gaining 6 3/4 minutes a day. Yesterday that pesky ice from the November rain was just about gone from the pavement. except north of hills. Melting snow was still refreezing – overnight low temperatures were below zero until a couple of days ago, and are still forecast to be well below freezing.

Things may be slick again today, though – it snowed last night. Two to four inches for Fairbanks, officially. The snow stake shows 22” so I got enough snow to make up for last week’s melting and settling plus 2”. The wind spinner is up and spinning a little, with only a little snow sticking to it. The roads? I’ll have to see when I drive to OLLI (Osher Lifelong Learning Institute) classes this morning for the last session of “The science of smell.”

P.S. The roads were blown clear where the speed limit was above 50, and packed snow on slower roads. Lots of water coming back home, though, and it’s likely to be icy tomorrow. And we finished the science of smell with a discussion of champagne and terroir. Wonder if I can work some of that into Derry’s appreciation of fine wine?