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Homecoming Award

It’s official–Homecoming took second place for science fiction books published in 2010. Have a look at the review and the video trailer.

Meanwhile, I’m off to finish the final edit on the sequel, Tourist Trap.

Sunrise 8:04 am, sunset 6:04 pm for 10 hours with the sun above the horizon. I was able to drive home from the Fairbanks Symphony concert yesterday! The sun is rapidly approaching 18 degrees above the horizon at solar noon, which at the moment is 1:04 pm.

Wind-snapped spruce at Wolf Run Restaurant, 2/25/11

Why so far off 12 noon? I’m located pretty close to 150 degrees west latitude. Most of Alaska is on 135th meridian time, so our time zone will be closer to Seattle’s. This does have some odd effects. At Nome, for instance, the sun rises after noon in midwinter, though the day length is about the same as ours. Even in Fairbanks summer sunsets (on daylight time) are after midnight from the end of May until about halfway through July.

Right now the official Fairbanks temperature is about 5 below F, and the forecast for the next week is mostly clear to partly cloudy, high temperatures mostly around 0 to 10 degrees; lows where I live around 20 below. It’s expected to be warmer in the hills, thanks to our persistent inversions—so we’re likely also to have poor air quality. The snow stake shows a little less snow than last week—about 2 feet. I’m not sure how much of the loss is due to settling and how much is due to snow simply blowing away a week ago. Certainly hour normally windless cold was interrupted by a major blizzard with very rapidly blowing snow. Not only were the trees swaying in the wind, some of them actually snapped off.

Makes editing the blizzard in Tourist Trap seem more real!