Here Comes Ice Fog (to the tune of “Here Comes Santa Claus”)

Here comes ice fog, here comes ice fog,
Right down Airport Way,
Hazing street lights, hiding tail lights,
Darkening the day.
Pickup contrails flow together
Wreathing through the town
Temp’rature’s at minus forty
And it’s going down.

Plug your car in, heap the blankets
On its shivering hood.
Tires are square and steering’s stiff and
Traction’s not so good.
Peering through the frosted windshield
Hours before the dawn –
Let’s all head off to Hawaii
‘Til this weather’s gone!

All of these “Geophysical Christmas Carols” were originally written for the Christmas party at the Geophysical Institute, where I worked for many years. They echo both genuine geophysical research and life in Alaska. Enjoy!