Looking out the south window, November 29. Sun touched the treetops, but it never rose high enough to shine in the window.

Sunrise 10:13; sunset 3:04, and at local solar noon (12:40 pm) the sun is a whole 3 1/2 degrees–7 times its diameter– above the horizon–which means it never gets high enough I can see it from my south windows. It does just touch the treetops. Tomorrow will be even shorter–we’re losing about 5 minutes a day, now.

At least it’s quit raining. It’s a little colder than seasonable–20 below today, with 30 below forecast for tonight, and a clear sun dog shortly after noon.  A sun dog means there are flat, hexagonal ice crystals in the air. Snow depth is a bit less than 10″. The rain early last week took it down, but we’ve had a couple of inches of snow since to bring it back up. We’ve got close to an extra inch of water in the snow pack, though.

When will it warm up? It might get up to zero by later in the week, but we may get our first 40 below of the season before that. I’ll have to post “Here Comes Ice Fog” for tomorrow’s Carol.