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Radio Marketing

#scifi #amwriting Writing a book is just the beginning–the easy part. Marketing it is a whole new world, especially for an academic like me.

The latest is an interview on internet radio, to be broadcast at 4 pm EDT October 30, 2010. I’ll have the mp3 on my website once I get it and figure out how to insert it, but the initial broadcast will be 4 pm EDT, 3 pm EDT, 2 pm MDT, 1 pm PDT and noon Alaska time via the website above.There is a podcast link if you are busy at the time I’m on.

I’ll be discussing Homecoming, of course, but you’ll get a little of the philosophy behind it, as well. Hope you can listen in, if not at the time, then to the podcast or the delayed broadcast accessible on the site.

FIRSTDAY: #scifi First day of a fiveday. It is considered a holiday at Tyndall, but different religions and occupations take various days of each fiveday as being “special” in some way.