Peggy had us work on turns of phase (such as “Go to the broom closet and pick out a stick,”)  that told something about a character or situation.

David had us read our work and promised to do something on point of view.

A good deal of Jeanne’s time was spent putting up Alaskan writer’s conferences (and some Outside.) These included:
The Midnight Sun Writer’s Conference
The Dead Writer’s Conference (October)
The Fairbanks Arts Association, which sponsors Readings, Writing in the Dark, and the Community Writers Group
Poetry at the Dredge
49 Writers
Alaska Writer’s Guild (Conference Sept 10-12)
Skagway Writers Symposium
Kachemak Bay Writers Conference
Wrangell Mountains Writing Workshop
and a magazines, Cirque.
She also suggested we check  the Poets and Writers website.

Jeanne, please comment on good books on writing; I got only partial titles and authors.

Jeanne also gave us four letter poems to study for tomorrow (Homework).

“My dearest Conflict” and “My dearest Regret” by Oliver La Paz,
“to Rose” from Letters to Yesenin(?)  by Jim Harrison.
“Letter to Kathy from Wisdom” by Richard Hugo.
“To Susan Gilbert Dickinson” (letter from Emily Dickensn)

Jennifer Brice talked to us about travel writing in the afternoon.

2010 class members

Back Row (standing): Marie Lundstrom, Althea Nelson, Ela Harrison Jordon, Julie Johnson, Taylor Wilson, James Sterling, Rob Childers, Monte Jordan, Steve Matzker, Crystal Warner, David Crause, Karen Kohout, Don Gray, Mike Welsh, and Jeanne Clark. Front row (sitting or kneeling): Peggy Shumaker, Sue Ann Bowling, Anita Stelcel, Molly Fischner, Kim Williams, Zoe Wildridge, Rhonda Harvey, Bonny Lynn Babb, Stacey Hale, and Mary Fenno.