Peggy started the morning by again propping the two paintings from the watercolor class up and encouraging us to write about them, then copy our writing on cards to be returned to the class. If you haven’t already, you’re invited to post your writing as comments. As a writing exercise in class, she asked us to combine a specific food with action and write about it. Homework: time your reading for Thursday, aiming for 3 minutes or less.

David read us a piece by Jack Bass: “On the daily writing of fiction,” from Why I write: thoughts on the craft of fiction. He then had us move the setting or our conversation to a beautiful place. We are to continue with this for homework.

Jeanne Went over two persona poems with us: “Hood” by C. K. Williams and “Gretel in Darkness” by Louise Glück. She then had us write a persona poem in the voice of the character we’d chosen from fairy tale or myth. Homework: work on reshaping the voice, using sounds and rhythms.

That part of the 2010 class that was here when Bill Kloefkorn taught.

Don took a photo yesterday of those class members who remember Bill Kloefkern, and we will send a copy to him with cards.