We didn’t have a meeting today (thank goodness I’ll be able to catch my breath) so I thought I’d go over the activities for afternoons next week, especially as the places for them keep moving around.

Monday, July 26: The afternoon activity today is the Mini Class open to all festival registrants, to be held in 104 Brooks. For those not familiar with the campus, that’s the building between Duckering (the one right next to Bunnell) and the library.

Tuesday, July 27: the afternoon activity is individual conferences with the faculty. You should already have your materials to be critiqued to the faculty; they need time to read them. Check with the faculty member you have signed up with for where to go.

Wednesday, July 28: Nonfiction writer Jennifer Brice will be our guest artist at 1:30.  In the evening, Peggy will moderate a panel of poets (Derick Burleson, Cindy Hardy, and Jeanne Clark) at the Alaska Book Festival. It wasn’t on the sheet, but this is at 7 pm in Schaible Auditorium That’s in the Northeast corner ground floor (2 in elevator) of our building, Bunnell.

Thursday, July 29: Readings by Festival Registrants. This will be held in Schaible—invite your friends and for those on facebook, mention it. Everyone in the class should bring something you’ve written, or something you would like to read aloud by someone else. These will be your parting gifts to the class.

Friday, July 30: Farewell class; roundtable with all writers. This will be back in our regular classroom.

By the way, my garden has gotten badly ahead of me this last week. Prepare to take home some zucchini and possibly beans Monday!