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Sunday again, and time for weekend Writing Warriors (click the logo above) and Snippet Sunday (click the logo below.) Join in one or both of these blog hops next week if you’re interested.

I am still posting from Rescue Operation, a WIP almost ready to publish. This conversation is continued from last week. Emeraude, Lelani and Keishala are Roi’s wives. (Roi is non-aging; his Human wives age normally.)

Veil Nebula - Segment #3
Emeraude, twenty years younger than Keishala, unwound her bitter-chocolate body from the exercise bars and pulled loose the scarf that had held her beige hair. “What happened?” she asked.

“Zhaim ‘solved’ the problem of Horizon’s not paying its dues by authorizing one of the big slaving companies to collect them—in people.” Roi still couldn’t quite believe it.

“Is it that serious?” Keishala asked, putting her music tablet down on Lelani’s table. “I mean, I know how you feel about slavery, but there are planets in the Confederation that sell their own citizens. Ginger says it’s a lottery on hers.”

“It’d be every bit that serious,” Emeraude shot back.

To be continued next week.

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It’s Saturday and time for Science Fiction Romance Brigade Presents, a blog hop where we share about 200 words from something we’ve written. For rules and links to other participants, click the logo above.

I am still posting from Both Sides Now, a WIP that blends science fiction, adventure, politics and a touch of romance. Doc is introducing Kevi to Coralie, who has been acting as his nurse. Her brother, Mik, was one of those who rescued Kevi.

“Kevi, this is Coralie. She’s acting as my nurse, but she’s Mikal’s sister.” He wasn’t sure how to warn Kevi, in front of Coralie, about her history, or how protective Mik was of her.

Kevi moved back to the table and sat down, favoring his feet considerably more than he had, and nodded his head to Coralie. “I am most pleased to meet you. Have you had a chance to examine Nonie physically? I didn’t dare try without deep anesthesia; she was too afraid of me. And I understand you have no anesthetics.”

Coralie had relaxed visibly, and it took Doc a minute to realize that Kevi, by limping, sitting down and making sure he was not between her and any exit, had deliberately made himself non-threatening. He wasn’t sure whether to be reassured or threatened by the R’il’noid’s ability to read and respond to body language. “Nothing stronger than your willow bark tea,” Doc said.

“Except the Confederation supplies,” Coralie responded.

“We don’t know what they are,” Doc said, exasperated. “Those tubes could be wound dressing or lubricant, we don’t know. Same with the other stuff. I don’t know why your brother ever traded for them.”

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Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors (click the logo above for links to other participants) and Snippet Sunday (click the logo below.) I am still posting from the beginning of Rescue Operation, and this is a direct follow-on from last week. Roi is the first speaker.


Light and Shadow in the Carina Nebula (NGC 3372)
“Oh, no,” he gasped aloud. “He can’t be that stupid. The Council can’t be. Is he trying to start a revolution?”

Lelani, the oldest of his three wives, hardly lifted her wrinkled face from the wire and beads that would become a new hair ornament, but Keishala turned toward him, lowering the musical score she had been studying. “Roi,” she said, “it can’t be that bad. You’ve only been gone for a month. And Zhaim’s competent enough, even if you don’t like him.”


But none of them except Roi know yet what Zhaim has done.

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It’s Saturday and time for Science Fiction Romance Brigade Presents, a blog hop where we share about 200 words from something we’ve written. For rules and links to other participants, click the logo above.

I am still posting from Both Sides Now, a WIP that blends science fiction, adventure, politics and a touch of romance. Kevi is checking out Doc’s limited selection of drugs. While Coralie has been nursing Kevi while he was unconscious, the only time she has seen him awake was while he was helping Doc treat the injured child, Nonie.

Kevi took a closer look, and then shook his head. “I’ve seen home first aid kits with a better selection of drugs. Not your fault, Doc, but I think I’d better check out what grows in the area. Even willow-bark tea is better than nothing.”

“Not until your feet are recovered enough for shoes.” Kevi raised his eyebrows and Doc had a sudden feeling that he was going to learn just how bad a patient the R’il’noid could be, but they were interrupted by the sound of footsteps coming from the hay maze.

“Willow bark tea?” Coralie said as she entered the room. “What are you talking about? Doc, that casserole was supposed to be supper!”

“My fault,” Kevi said meekly. “I was awfully hungry. Is the little girl doing all right?”

Doc had known Coralie since she was a child herself, and it hurt to see her flinch back at the sight of another man in the room. “Coralie, you know Kevi,” he said. “Sorry I didn’t introduce you earlier, but I was afraid Kevi was going to collapse. He has some medical training—more than I do, actually—and I was showing him what drugs I have.”

Year 10 day 213

I couldn’t get the taste of that pig out of my memory.

My people do eat meat, though they make sure the animals live a happy life first, and are killed quickly and without fear. The People follow an animal to its exhaustion – hardly a death without fear, but I do eat the meat they bring in. Still, I cannot bring myself to hunt a healthy animal.

If one is attacking me, or injured so badly that I know it will die soon, I feel justified in using my abilities to give it a swift, painless death and then eat it. But hunting? My skills as a hunter are not up to giving a clean death, and I cannot help but feel it would be a misuse of my mental talents to kill a healthy animal that means me no harm.

That leaves scavenging, usually a sick, old, or very young animal, as these are what most wild predators target.

Perhaps a very young pig?

I teleported to one of the areas where I knew the wild pigs were common, on the northern continent. The acorns and pistachios are ripe and abundant, and the pigs are eating them greedily. I opened my mind to pig, alert also for any feeling of pain or fear. There – for an instant I was paralyzed, feeling the leopard’s fangs at my neck. The years must have hardened me, for I came out of the paralysis almost at once, to end the young pig’s life and teleport it to me. It would not have lived long, I saw, the leopard’s fangs had almost pierced its spinal cord.

I teleported the carcass to Rainbow, together with dates, nuts, and honey. We will eat well tonight, and for days to come if I freeze most of the meat.

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Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors (click on the logo above) and Snippet Sunday (click on the logo below.)

I am still quoting from Rescue Operation, this time from Roi’s POV after his return from solving the problem of the planet convinced its health problems were an attack by others.


Close-Up of M27, the Dumbbell Nebula

Roi Laian stretched, feeling the interface lounge accommodate to his motion and gently massage his body as he shifted position. He opened his eyes, briefly interrupting the computer’s download to his brain as he absorbed what he’d already received. Plenty of decisions he wouldn’t have made if he had been here, but nothing really disastrous. Still, it was good to be back.

He glanced out the window wall of his office, taking in the rolling pastureland dotted with grazing horses. Swim, ride, or work out in the controlled-gravity gym? After he’d checked out the situations Zhaim had indicated were resolved, Roi decided, and reactivated the full computer connection.

The Horizon situation first, he decided, but he was only a few minutes into that when he jerked upright on the lounge.


I don’t think he’s favorably impressed by Zhaim’s solution.

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It’s Saturday and time for Science Fiction Romance Brigade Presents, a blog hop where we share about 200 words from something we’ve written. For rules and links to other participants, click the logo above.

I am still posting from Both Sides Now, a WIP that blends science fiction, adventure, politics and a touch of romance. Here Doc (really a veterinarian but the only doctor the horse nomads have) is getting acquainted with my hero, who he thinks of as Kevi. He’s just told Kevi that his white hair, unusual on a young man on the planet Horizon, has already been dyed darker, and another rescuer has left dark contact lenses—if Doc can remember where they are.

Kevi gave him a startled look, peered into the mirror and nodded in approval. “Black hair, and with brown eyes my skin color won’t be looked at twice. Better gray my hair a bit. Thanks, Doc. You guys are incredible, especially considering what I suspect you’ve heard about me.”

There they were. Doc found the right box and handed it to Kevi, who carefully examined the lenses before inserting them. When he turned, blinking to settle the lenses in place, his coloring looked normal. He might be a little darker than average for Horizon, but nobody would give him a second look.

“Now,” the R’il’noid said briskly, “exactly what do you have in the way of medical supplies? I’ve got a hunch that kid still needs some work from the rape, but not without anesthesia or at least tranquilizers. And I can’t do it until I can use my hands better—a couple of the bones probably need to be broken and reset.”

In reply, Doc unlocked the cupboard where he kept the few drugs he had managed to scrape together. “That’s it. I’ve got my surgical kit, and some boiled rags for bandages. And a little cautery powder, but only a little, and it’s not very effective.”

Blue Marble N Asia

Year 10, Day 211

I’ve added my observations of the shore of the northern ocean and its floating ice cap to the world map I’m building up in the computer. I find I’ve mapped more that a third of the way around this world. The eastern coast of the ice-covered mountains is a good 55° west of the lake where I live; the spot where I decided it was too cold to continue this year is nearly 105° east. Close to halfway, and while there were a number of river mouths and deep inlets, the only though connection to the ocean so far is the relatively narrow strait broken by the volcanic island. Perhaps the isolation of this northern ocean is the answer.

The proof will have to wait for next year. For right now, Rainbow is hinting she would like another of the wild pigs from the northern continent, not to mention the nuts I found last year as well as dates and figs. The fruit and nuts are no problem. The pig ….

They’re mostly eating acorns now—I checked. If they taste like what they eat, as the warthogs do, they should be quite tasty. But I will kill one only in self-defense, like the first time, or if it is badly injured. Perhaps I could rob a predator of its kill?

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It’s time for another snippet from Rescue Operation, the end of the Council meeting deciding what to do about Horizon. For links to snippets from other authors click on the logo above for Weekend Writing Warriors, or on the logo below for Snippet Sunday. Sorry I didn’t get around tyo everyone last week, but I was away at a family reunion.


Bow Shock Near Young Star LL Ori

Two more of the swing voters spoke, again in reluctant agreement. Good, if any were using CP, his blocking was effective. Even he, poor as his CP was, knew that Horizon would not respond to the bluff—but it wouldn’t be a bluff. Zhaim already had slavers on the ground.

“I’m against it,” Dax growled—but then he rarely used mind-touch. Afraid his feelings would be read.

“Shall we vote?” Zhaim asked, but he already knew the result. Eleven to nine in favor of slaving on Horizon, and there was no way Roi would be able to get the seventeen votes needed for a reconsideration, however much he might love the planet.

And Roi is off planet, out of touch, and doesn’t yet know anything about this. Next week I’ll jump to his reaction when he does return.


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Science Fiction Romance Brigade Presents is a Saturday blog hop with up to 200 words from something we’re writing that has elements of both Science Fiction and Romance. (Click the logo above for rules and links to other participants.)

Both Sides Now is science fiction, adventure, politics and a dollop of romance. Here we’re getting acquainted with the hero, Kevi (as Doc thinks of him) who is the first to speak.

“Well, that’s changed if I can just get word to those I trust on Central. Zhaim’s kidnapping me turns the whole situation on its head. But I need to stay out of Zhaim’s hands long enough to contact someone I trust, and for that I need a hiding place. Confederation forces here on Horizon will be loyal to Zhaim.”

“Terry figured you’d need that. But the group’s small, and keeping those most vulnerable to slaving out of sight leaves us short-handed. You’ll be noticed if you don’t pull your weight.”

To Doc’s surprise, Kevi grinned. “Anything but cooking,” he said. “It’s not that I mind the drudgery, I’m just a lousy cook. I’ve got medical training, and I’m good with kids and animals. But I’d better darken my hair and eyes. My coloring’s unusual, even for this planet.”

“Looked in a mirror since you woke up?” Doc said, waving toward a piece of polished metal on the wall. “We darkened your hair on that road, and Terry left me some brown contact lenses.” He started rummaging through a cupboard. Now where had he put the contact lenses?


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