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Quotes from Mercedes Lackey

These are the contexts of the quotes tweeted from @sueannbowling between October 16 and October 22, 2014. All but the last are from “A Tangled Web” by Mercedes Lackey, a story in Harvest Moon.

Harvest Moon cover“Having Aphrodite on your side was almost worse than having her as an enemy.” Persephone’s thought as she weaves (reluctantly.)

“Oh, the curse of being able to see clearly, both sides of everything!” Still Persephone, annoyed that she can see her mother’s side as well as her own.

“So much power seemed coupled with so little forethought.” Demeter’s reflection on the Olympian gods as a whole.

“If godmothers are so good at keeping things from getting out of hand, why are gods so bad at it?” Here the reference is to the gods of Olympus or Valhalla.

“Mortals, given the choice, would rather not think too far ahead, or even think at all.” Brunehilde to Leopold, suggesting that the reason these gods are as they are is because they owe their existence to the mortals who worship them – thus they have mortal failings.

“All mothers are like that, I think.” Brunhilde, after Persephone complains that her mother still considers her a child.

“A self-trained esper is always cause for worry.” Sue Ann Bowling, Homecoming. Derry is just beginning to suspect what he may be facing in Roi.

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Weekend Writing Warrior and Snippet Sunday. Maybe I’ll get home this week.

NGC 5189 Henceforth, he’d suggest to the Council, any councilor who had to leave Central to untangle a sticky situation beyond one-ended teleport range would take an aide who could anchor a return teleport. For the few member systems beyond two-ended range, they’d set up a chain of anchors. And members in the field would keep in touch with Council decisions.

“Good idea,” Mako said when Roi’s office had become a temporary meeting place for the eleven that the regent trusted. “But it wouldn’t have stopped this vote. Zhaim may have been—must have been—lobbying those who voted for it. The rest of us had no warning at all.”

Year 53 Day 112

I had no idea WildDog’s idea would be so popular.

Not that I wasn’t ready to ease my own sexual frustration! In fact, the women of the People have been looking more and more attractive to me. My night with WildDog’s wife proved that the likeness was even closer than I supposed. We fit in every way possible. It’s just as well that offspring are impossible, or I’d be tempted to settle down with a local wife.

At this point, with the People getting ready to leave on their annual migration, I think about half of the shamans have insisted I sleep with their women, to pass the “powers” on to them. Truth to tell, I’m getting a bit exhausted.

Quotations from Tolkien

Here are the contexts of the quotes tweeted from October 9 through October 15, 2014. All but the last are from The Two Towers, by JRR Tolkien.

Map Rohan“Oft evil will shall evil mar.” Theoden, quoting a saying to Gandalf as they discuss the palantir.

“Perilous to us all are the devices of an art deeper than we possess ourselves.” Gandalf, discussing how the palantir may have led to Sauruman’s downfall.

Map Mordor“If it must be, let’s get it over.” Sam, when Frodo has decided to climb down the face of the Emyn Muil by rope.

“If we kill him, we must kill him outright.” Frodo, after they have captured Gollum.

“What he means to do is another matter.” Frodo, still considering what to do with Gollum.

“Now that I see him, I do pity him.” Frodo, replying to his memory of Gandalf’s words about Gollum, back in the Shire. (It was the Shire in the book, though the speech was moved to Moira in the movie.)

“Just try and stop me.” Sue Ann Bowling, Homecoming. Marna’s response to Lai’s suggestion that they take in Roi.

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Sunday’s the day for snippets from all kinds of authors. To find those posting on Weekend Writing Warriors, click the logo above; for snippet Sunday click the logo below. Today’s snippet is a continuation from Rescue Operation.

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None of the other three had really finished the jobs they had left Central to do, but Derry had an answer to that. Is Cory around? he asked. If he is, boost him out—I’ll anchor. Then he can anchor for me to get me back here.

That’d work for them all, Roi realized—and for him, next time he needed to leave Central. He’d already decided never again to leave without setting up regular contact with someone he trusted. Any High R’il’noid could anchor over the distances usually spanned within the Confederation, and there were generally a few working as aides to the Inner councilors.


Sorry for the old photo today, but I’m still in the hospital fighting this laptop. At least I’m back in Fairbanks, but as those who read this blog know, I went back the the emergency room Saturday when I couldn’t keep food down. They diagnosed pneumonia and were ready to take me  to Xray when I had a heart attack. The heart attack apparently did no damage to my heart, but was due to my blood magnesium being so low it wasn’t getting the right electrical stimulation.

The whole thing can probably be traced to my ovarian, and possibly my breast, cancer  going metastatic. Yeah, even the right lung may be cancer rater than pneumonia. So far there’s no pain, but my doctor came by yesterday afternoon and said probably 6-12 months.

So I’m looking for beta readers and possibly a literary executor of the Horizon War trilogy: Rescue Operation, Both Sides Now, and War’s End. Any volunteers?



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“You want me to do what?” I gasped at WildDog.

“To sleep with my wife,” he said calmly, “that some of your power may pass to her, and through her to me.”

I gulped. These People were very like the R’il’noids in many ways, but I was sure our DNA was so different that no offspring could come from such a mating. And if it reassured WildDog, why not? Face it, I’m lonely.

These are the contexts of the quotes tweeted between Oct 2 and Oct 8, 2014. All but the last are from Mansfield Park, by Jane Austin. This book is 200 years old this year.

Mansfield Park Cover“My intentions are only not to be poor.” Edmund’s continuation of his response to Mary’s fixing on a large income as a recipe for happiness.

“A woman can never be too fine while she is all in white.” Edmund, speaking to Fanny before the ball.

“Fraternal love, sometimes almost everything, is at others worse than nothing.” The author is using the love between Fanny and her brother William to contrast with other sibling relationships in the family, such as between Aunt Norris and her sisters, or between Julia and Maria. Note that in this case “fraternal” is used to refer to any pair of siblings, regardless of sex.

“I can never bear to ask.” Henry is in some ways almost a stereotypical male of modern times: he won’t ask for directions when he is lost.

“Poor Fanny, not allowed to cheat herself as she wishes.” Edmund, perceiving that Fanny would much rather that her brother William won.

“The possession of what she had so much wished for did not bring much satisfaction.” Fanny’s thoughts after accepting the necklace from Miss Crawford.

“Maybe your body knows what it needs better than you do.” Sue Ann Bowling, Homecoming. Flame, speaking to Roi, after she has found him wracked with nightmares.

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His birth mother had also given him a gene that was far too dangerous to be passed on—on that, he agreed with the Genetics Board. Luckily Wif had been born before the problem was recognized and was not even a carrier, but Roi had no other children of his own.

But he had another heritage as well, one with which he was even less comfortable. His father had left him in charge of the Inner Council of R’il’noids that effectively ruled the Confederation. Not the planets that made up the Confederation, he grumbled to himself; in fact he as the regent of the Confederation had no voice at all in the laws of Central, where the Councils met and he lived. Now and then Council duties included fieldwork when the specialties of individual Council members were needed, and in truth he’d been eager to get away when the government of a distant planet thought (wrongly) that others were making it the target of biological warfare. Wif, the other medical expert, had already been away from Central, and Derry’s specialty of xenotelepathy and Kaia’s of communications had been needed in the field while Roi was gone, leaving Roi’s older brother Zhaim in charge without the steadying influence of the others.

Roi had never expected a disaster like this.

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Year 11 Day 165

Greenland-musk-ox hg.jpg
Greenland-musk-ox hg” by Hannes Grobe), AWI – Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.5 via Wikimedia Commons.

Remember the part of the tideless sea that reminded me of an underwater mountain range? I didn’t even know what I was talking about!

The northern shore of the main north continent was at least fairly well defined. During the warm season I could tell water from land, though when the ocean was frozen to the shore it was a little difficult. Eastward from the strait, though ….

Imagine a partly drowned mountain range. Not one with just the tips of the mountains poking up as islands, but one with all of the valleys drowned. Let it be so cold and so dry that little survives but rock and cushion plants. Allow some surprisingly large horned animals to survive on the sparce vegetation. Now add a highly variable amount of drift ice choking the water-filled valleys.

I don’t think that a lot of warm water could get through.

So, hypotheses: this ocean remains frozen because there is not enough oceanic heat transfer from the south.

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The vet would have gotten word to him if “Kevi” had died or escaped, but aside from that he had no idea of how the R’il’noid was doing. Besides, Coralie was still there. Let Doc make the decision on whether to destroy Star. Normally, horses no longer able to earn their keep and of no sale value went to feed the dogs, but for Jadel, with his wife dead and his children scattered, Star was family.

Mik had to hold Coin to a slow walk with the injured Jadel riding double behind him, and Star, lame as he was, managed to keep up. Loco whined and dug at the bottom of her pannier, and Mik reached down to scratch the dog’s ears, wondering absently why she was so restless today. Frustration at the fact that he’d used her so little? But she’d tired so fast when he did try to send her after a stray that he’d mostly kept her in her pannier.

Doc’s old bay leopard was not in the paddock, and Mik looked at the door, worried. “Doc?” he shouted.

A stranger came to the door, walking carefully, with a half-finished hackamore draped over one arm. “He’s stitching up a silkie bull named Sam,” he called cheerfully. “Should be back in an hour or so. I gather Sam’s rather prone to this sort of thing. Can I help? I’m Kevi—been helping Doc out.” His eyes shifted to Jad, and his lazy demeanor vanished. “Be right back,” he called over his shoulder. When he reappeared, the hackamore was gone and he was carrying a tube of something, flipping off the cap as he came.

Kevi? The R’il’noid Mik had held in front of him on Coin had been little more than skin stretched over bone. This man was gaunt, but nothing like Mik remembered. He wasn’t actually lame either, Mik thought, just careful of both slippered feet. Amazing, considering what those feet had been like a month earlier, and now that he looked, neither hand seemed quite right either. But what did he mean, that he was helping Doc? Where was Coralie? “What’s in the tube?” he asked.

“Pain killer and anti-shock medication,” Kevi said as he held the tube up to Jadel. “Squeeze the whole tube between gums and lips. Don’t try to swallow it; you’re too shocky for that. Mikal, can you help him down? That dislocation needs to be reduced before the swelling gets any worse, and I can do that, with a little help.”

If Doc was at Aldeman’s, which was the logical place if he were treating Sam, it’d take Mik three hours to get Jad there. Letting the injured man rest here made sense, though he wished he’d reacted fast enough to stop Kevi’s medication. He had no idea what might really be in that tube. “Where’s Coralie?” he asked as he helped Jad down.

“Over in the storage caves,” Kevi replied. “Doc won’t let me walk that far yet. Uh—you do realize this dog’s in labor, don’t you?”


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